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System - Friday, September 29, 2017

Sometimes tenants pester the life out of their rental property manager. However, one of the most important jobs of a rental property manager is to ensure that his tenants are satisfied. Often this includes times talking to a tenant, who for whatever reason is irate about something with the rental property. Before a rental property manager takes the next passenger train out of town, there are tactics for dealing with angry clients. A rental property manager does not have to be a retired mathematician to figure this one out. As long as he is properly trained to handle upset tenants, he can prevent a disastrous situation. Here is how.

Remember back in third grade when the teacher told your mother, little Johnny is a nice boy but he has trouble listening. Hopefully, the rental property manager grew up a good listener. Listen, listen, listen, and let the angry tenant air it out. If a rental property manager can take a few punches the tenant will calm down. Of course do not let the tenant become abusive verbally or physically. If this happens, the tenant needs to be told that his problems are understood, however, keep it professional.

Once the tenant finishes voicing his angers, be sympathetic. The rental property manager needs to put himself in the tenants shoes and understand the tenants frustrations. Restate the tenants complaint and tell him they are valid. Then ask questions to show interest.

As much as a rental property manager might hate it, he must apologies even though it is not his fault. This is not an admission of guilt, it is just simply saying sorry you feel this way, or sorry it happened. Though the tenant might not think this way, but it will calm him down a little like a cat with a scratching post.

Now it is time to get the problem solved. A rental property manager needs to reinsure his tenant that no problem can go unsolved and you are here, the king of the castle. A rental property manger needs to imagine that this happen to him and ask what he would want done. Then ask the tenant what he expects. The more courteous a rental property manager is with the situation, the more it will boggle the tenants mind. This means he is happy because he is not use to property managers being so good with people.

All complaints should be recorded in some type of journal. The notes should be clear and precise about the episode and the problem at hand. If follow ups were done by either party, they need to be recorded. It is not just a reference for the rental property manager who took and handled the complaint, it is also for other property managers who may work at the rental property.

Always follow up with the tenant after the complaint was rectified. It shows that the rental property manager still cares even after almost taking a trip to the cleaners. Who knows, maybe the tenant will thank the rental property manager with a basket of oranges. This will also prevent the tenant from becoming extremely angry the next time a problem arises. He will know that the rental property manager is a problem solver, the go to guy. The tenant may even apologies for being so irate with the rental property manager when he obviously did not have to be.

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