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5 Tips on How to Stay COOL This Summer

System - Tuesday, July 24, 2018
  1. Buy Some Fans: A fan does not generate as much electricity as an air conditioner would. It’s a cheaper and very effective way to keep you and your home cool as a cucumber. EXTRA TIP-to get an extra blast of cool air go ahead and put some ice in front of the fan!
  2. Keep Your Blinds Down: An easy way to keep your home/apartment cooler is closing all your blinds or curtains. By doing something so simple it helps keep the sun from beaming inside and will keep the temperature lower in the house.
  3. Try To Get The Breeze Through The House: Open all windows and doorways and this will cause a cool breeze to travel throughout the property.
  4. Use The Air Conditioning Just Before Bed: About 30 minutes before going to bed close all windows and doors and run the air conditioner. You will bring the temperature down before going to bed which it will make it more comfortable to fall asleep. Make sure to use a fan when the air conditioner turns off and it will help continue cool air throughout the night.
  5. Choose The Right Time Of The Day To Show Your Property: When trying to rent your property in the summer months make sure you strategize before showing the home! First think about the right times throughout the day when the property is most comfortable and not too hot. By showing it when the home/apartment is cooler it will be more appealing to a tenant.

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